Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Paint abstractly with Mixed Media

This course covers how to combine collage with acrylics, oil Pastel and  Marker, layering, pouring, using transparent and opaque paint and much more.
After getting to know the basic materials, follow along a combination of step-by-step exercises exploring color theory, how to develop an under painting to bring structure and depth into your art, how to tap into your emotions for more expressive painting, how to use symbolism, and much more! This 30 hrs course will help you take your work into a new direction while developing our own personal style.
Inside Abstract painting course you will:

  • Explore Mixed media with oil pastel, acrylic techniques, marker and collage.
  • Creating your own collage
  • Understand how to work in a series
  • Discover the benefits of golden proportion to make  your ideas abstractly

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