Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Creative Painting - Wash off Technique

One Day Workshop! 

This is an exciting technique that produces a textural effect not unlike that of a woodcut or lino prints.

In this workshop you will be familiar with:

- Ink and Acrylic wash-off technique

- Tint, tone and shading the colors
- Textures
- Negative and positive forms

Who will benefit from the workshop?
This workshop will be useful for both those who are beginners or/and those artists who wants to develop their techniques.

1.    Materials: Lotus will provide materials during the time of the workshop such as Acrylic Colours, Canvas, Brushes, water jar, pencils, masking tape, carbon, eraser, etc.
2.    Lunch: Workshop is covering the coffee breaks and snacks. 

3.    Dressing: Participants are required to wear apron or old dress.

Students' Art Works:

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