Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Even on Month of June 2014

 “Get Together Ceremony” before the Holy Month of Ramadan!

June 21 was wonderful afternoon with lotus Members (Students, their Families, Staff and Instructors),

By coordinated and sponsor of calligraphy students to had variety of homemade ARABIC traditional foods.

Photography Course

Picture Perfect!.. the studio Lighting session…
Photography students of Lotus are now confident and in good working knowledge with their DSLR camera, they are comfortable with shooting in the Manual mode, now it is time to do their practical on lighting, so on to the Studio photo shoot session!
The studio session is focus on studio lighting and hands-on practice with professional studio equipment, all under the expert guidance of our experienced and professional instructor.
They were thought all about studio equipment and how it works, technically and artistically. How  it is best used to achieve different lighting effects and patterns.

They are also given some technical know-how on how to create simple but effective lighting set ups.

Over all we can say, It was another session of acquired knowledge and fun filled “Picture Perfect” Studio Lighting session !

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Drawing Basics: How to See, How to Draw With Confidence

Keys to Drawing Course - Level I

Take your drawing skills to the next level in this 30hrs course designed for the basic level!
Drawing is a fundamental tool in the development of a fine artist and students of this class will learn a variety of drawing techniques through individual instruction and class demonstrations.

Each drawing exercise is focused on showing you how to start your drawing career successfully. Develop more expressive lines, improve your observation skills, Start with simple shapes and strokes and build towards putting them all together and creating complex designs and learn techniques for creating depth and much more. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Basic Digital Photography Course

Outdoor Photography Session of the Students…

One fine day, photography students of Lotus had their outdoor session…

They enjoyed capturing the daylight exposure from their cameras…from different angles and perspective. They are applying the theories that the instructor had taught them in class, as well as building camaraderie with fellow classmates and having fun at the same time!

Abstract Painting Course - Level III

Painting Abstractions in Mixed Media with Lotus 

If you love working in mixed media and love the look of Abstract Art then this is the right course for you.

This course covers how to create effective abstract compositions and combine collage with acrylics, layering, pouring, using transparent and opaque paint, Oil and soft pastel and much more.

First, the instructor begins with a discussion of abstract design based on the golden proportion division. She shows you how you can practice your own design skills. She introduces texture painting techniques and walks you through a series of step by step art lessons.